March 14, 2024

The Original Black Inhabitants of North Africa (Amazigh)

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The original inhabitants of North Africa were predominantly black Africans, known in the Middle Ages as Berbers or Moors but referred to themselves as Amazigh, meaning “Nobles” or “Freemen.” Despite claims by some modern “white” Berbers of being the original inhabitants, historical and genetic evidence suggests a diverse ancestry due to migrations, interactions, and invasions from Europe and the Middle East.

The Amazigh people’s territory, Tamazgha, extended across much of North Africa, and they have traditionally led a nomadic lifestyle. Historical records, including Roman accounts and descriptions by 6th-century poets and 11th-century travelers, often described North Africans as black, challenging some contemporary assumptions about the region’s demographic history.

The Original North Africans (Amazigh) were black. Watch on our youtube channel

The depiction of Berbers in European art, particularly during their control of Spain and Portugal, reflected a recognition of their African origins. Major demographic changes in the Berber population occurred following Roman rule, invasions, and the influence of European, Arab, and Turkish heritage, although many Berbers in regions like southern Libya and Mauritania remain predominantly black. The Amazigh culture is marked by unique linguistic and religious beliefs, with ancient practices predating Abrahamic religions and showing connections with wider African spiritual traditions.

Significant to this narrative is the practice of mummification among the Amazigh’s ancestors, predating Egyptian mummies and suggesting advanced civilization in the Sahara. The discovery of a well-preserved mummy in the Sahara desert, dating back over 9,500 years and showing features typical of black ancestry, supports the idea of a significant black presence in early North African history. This history has been subject to attempts at whitewashing by some European scholars, aiming to recast North African history in a way that minimizes the contributions and presence of black Africans.


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